Training and Supervision

The company strongly believes that continuous training is essential to provide quality service to its esteemed clients. It focuses its efforts to understand and identify client’s requirements and employ effective techniques for imparting training to its guard force. It also continuously upgrades and updates its system and knowledge in accordance with ever changing security scenario.

Entry Level Training

The company rightly believes the dictum that early and initial training is important. Accordingly, after recruitment the selected individuals are put through a 10 days training module, as it believes that proficiency in security is largely a product of the combination of experience and a through training program is designed to improve the skills and knowledge of the security personnel and also to keep them trained to be alert and agile I the field. It all amply is reflecting in the attitude performance and morale of the individual.

On Site Training

Prior to the commencement of contract and occasionally later, the training is imparted on site.

On Job Training

It brings familiarity with the work expected and raises the confidence level.

Customized Training

It takes care of special requirements of any of the clients. Of course, the Company constantly updates job knowledge and skills by keeping liaison with various institution and loss prevention organizations. It remains totally committed to train its guard force to become professionally competent and highly effective.