Security Management Services

The growing dimensions of this phenomenon underline the need for increasingly sophisticated and means to counter the danger posed by these elements.
There is only one way to effectively combat organized crime: by employing specialized personnel trained and equipped to neutralize the threat. A number of highly effective anti-crime methods and operational tools have been developed and employed at “SS facility and Security Services”. In its pursuit to achieve this aim. To achieve this, the company adopts a comprehensive approach from the word ‘go’ and while other aspects of security will be dealt with separately, in its offer of physical security, it offers the following services:-

Installation Security
Security Officers, Gunman and trained guards to safeguard installations against theft, Office Buildings, Shopping Malls and Shop, Banks, Chanceries and Residential Premises, Hotels, Petrol Pumps, Colonies and Houses.

Personal Security
Armed/Unarmed Personal Security Officers who Ex-Black Cat Commandos for Government Officials, visiting celebrities and Diplomats, Businessmen and other VIPs.