About Us

S4S Group is equipped with well-trained, integrated and smartly uniformed security personnel and maintenance staff .We are proud to tell you that all security and maintenance  staff inducted to our Group are trained and well instructed. They are capable of showing good judgment and common sense. They follow direction and directives from supervisors meticulously. Once they are assigned to your company we will orient them to in consultation with you follow your company policy and guidelines.
Our Guards have perfect professional appearance with their elegant Uniform and the induction training has given them the attitude and is able to interact with the public. They are capable of taking charge and direct other in emergencies or other dangerous incidents.
Collaboration with SS Security and Facility Management Services will ensure a total relief to your management as far as the security of your precious equipment, premises and other connected problems are concerned.
Our rates are subject to be revised whenever revisions are made by respective State Govt. Administration after informing you.

Thanking you with the assurance of our best services always, we remain.